First off I am really sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been waking up late and then just running to work. By the time I am back, I am extremely tired and pissed off at the world. 

Secondly, I don’t if I have mentioned this before or not - I am going to London. I got an offer letter form a university there, though it is a conditional offer. I have to give IELTS exam first. Everyone says it is extremely easy but I am stressed because I haven’t given exam in ages. Also education is super expensive. I am thinking of asking for donation on crowd funding websites.

Third- I am going to Kolkata on day after. I totally forgot about the trip. It is only a three day trip, but I still have to pack. Also, we haven’t booked the tickets yet.

Fourth- I am wishing I win some kind of lottery/lucky draw.

I want a free tee. Please vote for me. Btw my upload is the one of Tank Girl and Pirate Pool in case the link doesn’t take you to the right place. Please vote.


pinkcloudz asked:

I absolutely love your style! Wish I met you when I was last in Mumbai! Your photos from Karnataka also make me wanna go back to India so badly! Do you know of this publication called 'motherland'??


I saw this message last night and today morning when I went to work, guess what I saw - Motherland. It was the first time our salon got this publication. I liked it very much. :)